Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

The people of Indian origin constitute less than 2% of the total population in the United States. However, the achievements and the impact we have made in this adopted land of ours is remarkable. Indian Americans are doing an outstanding job working in important positions across the nation. In public administration, academics, healthcare, technology, business and media, several of them hold important positions. Many are in President Obama’s administration and are working with numerous Congressmen and Senators, helping shape the national agenda.

India is known to have the largest and most vibrant, active democracy in the world, which plays a very vital role in the functioning and growth of the 2nd most populated region in the world, India. We recognize that as Citizens in America, Business Owners, and Community Leaders; we have an important role to play in our adopted land. We are aware of our call to be a source of effective communication around the world. We as an Important role to play in shaping our world to be a just and equitable place where everyone enjoys freedom and liberty.

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