IASA Giving Back To The Community

Irvine Club And IASA Giving Back

In early Dec of 2018, Members of Irvine Club, and the IASA joined together in a collaborative effort to provide groceries, and other necessary items to aid and assist in conquering our Homeless Epidemic in California. IASA stand with our Indian Values on embracing it’s citizens regardless of class, creed, or economic standing. We align our mission and values with many of the Churches, and current Non-Profits in the area, and will continue to support the common goal of ending our Homeless Epidemic through the years to come.

“From talking to dozens of the Homeless families, men, and women in our areas I’ve learned that many are economically displaced where rent prices are rising, and the medium household income in their area is dropping. In many Urbanized areas in India we can find very similar circumstances, It’s important we pay close attention to the how governments around the world lift their citizins out of poverty; I’m proud to have been a part of todays contributions, and look forward to offering our strategic help again in the future” -Ravi Sagar (IASA Executive Board Member)

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